Agronomist Breakfast

Greetings to the new season of “Agronomist Breakfast”, which started relatively late, but quickly. In this program, experts from Agricon Baltic and Yara Latvija visit the agronomist of Vitas Rozes, SIA “Anaerobic Holding”, where the first additional nitrogen fertilization is carried out for winter crops.

✔Let’s explain the principles and benefits of variable rate fertilization. How to determine the first dose of N top-up fertilization for canola? Farming experience, fertilizing rapeseed with a variable dose of N and using “Atfarm”;

✔How to determine the nitrogen dose for wheat with technologies and various solutions: N-Sensor technology, measurement of the number of productive stems per square meter;

✔Soil nitrogen control with “Zero field” – practical advice on how to install it;

✔Recommendations for further fertilizing for winter crops.

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